I’m Samuel Cragg. I’ve always had a fascination with computers, from when my dad brought our first PC (a 486 DX Packard Bell) that ran Window 3.11, though I spent most the time in DOS running BASIC. Eventually we got a new PC and I decided that I liked programming. I’d always heard of this mystical C/C++ language so decided to get a book and, luckily, chose a C++ one, which was my first foray into Object Oriented Programming.

Then in 2002 when Microsoft released the first versions of C# I couldn’t really see it taking off – why would I want code that’s not compiled into machine instructions? However, I eventually got a copy of Visual Studio 2005 to do a project for a small company I was working for (as well as performing structural designs, one of my unofficial duties was head of IT) which had C# 2.0, which finally had generics. I somehow got hooked and now most my projects are in C#, though I do love flirting back with native code (though the compilation times and lack of intelli-sense kills me).

Recently I’ve been playing with F# and am just blown away by how the compiler knows so much with so little typing. Oh and the unit feature is a blessing for working with engineering formulas, as you can double check the formula by the looking at the returned type.

I’m currently employed doing WPF work in the healthcare sector, though previously I was doing low level network interrogation in C++ for recording VOIP telephones.


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